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At Tony’s Plumbing, Inc., we have more than 20 years of professional experience. Backflow in your plumbing system compromises the quality of your drinking water, putting you at risk for serious health problems. Our team will work quickly to install a Torrance backflow prevention device to keep your drinking water clean and safe. With a commitment to your satisfaction, our Torrance backflow plumbers will answer your questions and respect your time and property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

We provide the following services:

  • Backflow installation
  • Backflow testing
  • Backflow repair

When it comes to protecting your home’s water supply, we don’t cut corners. Since 1994, we have provided quality services to customers in Torrance, Harbor City, Redondo Beach, & Palos Verdes. Our team is fully licensed and insured, and will work diligently to meet your needs.

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Understanding Backflow and Its Risks

Backflow occurs when the pressure in your plumbing system is reversed, allowing contaminated water to flow back into your drinking supply. Pesticides, bacteria, minerals, and chemicals may enter your drinking water, putting you at risk for hormone imbalance, organ problems, and diseases. Backflow may be caused by water leaks, hydrant flushing, a city main water break, or by general fluctuations in city water use.

Top 3 Reasons to Install a Backflow Preventer

A backflow prevention device is designed to protect your drinking water from contamination. It will automatically activate if the pressure reverses, and will stop the polluted water from entering your plumbing system. Our team can install a high quality backflow prevention device to protect your home’s water supply. We have a detailed knowledge of building codes, and will ensure your system is durable and functional. Below are 3 benefits you'll experience from backflow prevention devices.

  • Ensure Clean Water for Your Family

    Keeping your water clean is crucial to keeping you and your household healthy. Removing harmful germs and bacteria from your water supply will make the water look and taste cleaner.

  • Prevent Damage to Your Home's Pipes

    With a backflow prevention device, you can catch unwanted foreign matter that could damage your home's piping. You can avoid costly future repairs by installing a backflow prevention device.

  • Stay Compliant with Local Regulations

    In some areas, it's legally mandated that you have to have a backflow prevention device installed on your home or business.

Annual Backflow Testing: Is It Necessary?

As a rule, backflow prevention devices should be tested once a year. This will ensure all the components are working properly at all times. Exactly how often you test backflow prevention depends on extreme temperatures, dirt, debris, and salty air from the environment which can cause the device to corrode over time.

We will test the system to determine any issues and will make necessary repairs to leave your drinking water fully protected.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Backflow prevention devices are essential to protect the quality of your home’s potable water supply. At Tony’s Plumbing, Inc., we pride ourselves on fast, efficient, and thorough services. Our Torrance backflow testing experts will use the latest technology and proven methods to install, repair, and test your backflow prevention device to give you peace of mind.

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