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Your sewage system is the unsung hero of your home. Every single day, the sewer shuttles waste away so you don’t even need to think about where it goes. That is, until what was once taken out of your home is stopped by a clog or other blockage. When you need a sewer & rooter service to return your home to working order, our plumbers in Torrance can make everything right. The award-winning team at Tony’s Plumbing, Inc. can discover the root of your problem to suggest an optimal solution.

Is an unexpected clog affecting your sewer system? Contact our sewer contractors in Torrance for emergency service by calling (310) 905-8484.

Do I Need a Rooter Service?

The most effective technology for fighting clogs in your sewer system is a rooter. The original cause of many clogged sewers was roots that found their way into cracks in the piping. Nowadays, pipes are a lot stronger but households still deal with clogs in their system. Our rooter and sewer service in Torrance involves methods aimed at helping you keep your systems flowing smoothly.

Your drains may be clogged by:

  • Debris
  • Dirt
  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Soap buildup
  • Tree roots

At Tony’s Plumbing, Inc., we work with you to determine the right solution for your home. Not every plumbing system is the same, so when you call for service, we come prepared to discuss your options. Our rooter and sewer service is only performed by an experienced, trained, and licensed plumber so you can feel confident with our work.

Effective Methods for Cleaning Sewer Lines

Clearing away a clog can be a tricky task sometime, and the experienced sewer experts at Tony’s Plumbing can provide you with the effective tools and quality service you’re looking for that can help you restore your plumbing quickly and effectively. Whether you need a drain unclogged or a blockage removed from your main sewer lines, we can get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively with minimal mess or disruption to your daily life.

Iron Pipe De-Scaling

As iron is exposed to oxygen, it rusts and corrodes, creating scale in your plumbing & sewer lines. This scale creates a rough surface that can catch on to debris like stringy foods, fats, and hair, which help clogs to form. De-scaling is a service that removes this scale from the walls of your sewer pipes, smoothing it out and getting rid of any clogs before they can impact your plumbing lines.

De-scaling can also help prevent clogs from returning, but only if the walls of your plumbing are thick enough to withstand having a layer of metal removed completely. If you want to find out whether or not de-scaling is a good idea for your system, talk to a Torrance sewer line plumber from Tony’s Plumbing today!


Do you have a stubborn clog located way down in your drain line? Reaching clogs used to be a major hassle that required disassembling your entire plumbing system near the clog. However, nowadays you can remove these clogs quickly and effectively using a tool known as a snake.

A snake is similar to an auger, only at a much larger scale, and is usually powered by electricity. These machines are designed to quickly shred through any clog found in your drain line, even those located far from the nearest opening.


Hydro-jetting is often the best solution for main sewer and drain lines. Clogs in your main drain line accumulate because of debris that has become stuck to the sides of your drain lines. Removing the debris can be difficult, if not impossible, with a snake or auger.

Hydrojetting uses extremely high-pressure water to dismantle and blast away any clogs in your sewer lines. It can also clean the sides of your pipes as well. The result is that accumulated debris gets flushed away and your plumbing is almost like new again.

Use Professional Methods for the Best Possible Results

When your home has a clog, do not attempt to handle it on your own using caustic chemicals or tools from your hardware store. A rooter used by a qualified plumber can eliminate the cause of the clog in your pipes and prevent new ones from forming. If a clog is not fully removed, it can quickly become a problem once again.

If you think you might need rooter and sewer repair in Torrance, call (310) 905-8484 to speak with our sewer line experts!

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