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When you purchase water, do you grab the first bottle you see or do you prefer a certain brand? Have you ever owned a filter or purification filter for your water? If so, you already care about the quality of the water that you use. From drinking water to showering to cleaning your home, your water softener matters to make your water taste better and safer to use. Our plumbers in Torrance have the experience and skill to install, repair, and maintain water softeners into your home’s existing plumbing system

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The Benefits of Water Softeners

If you consider the amount of money that you invest in your chosen water quality solution, installing a water softer might be the right choice. We can outfit the existing plumbing in your home with systems able to remove chemicals and contaminants that you would rather do without. When you let our dedicated plumber know exactly what you and your family need from your water, we can make the best suggestion for your household, including salt-based or salt-free options. Below are 3 benefits to installing a water softener.

  • Softer Clothing -
    With a water softener you will notice that your clothes feel softer and look cleaner. It hasn't been your laundry detergent that hasn't been working, it's one of the effects that hard water has on clothing. It can dry out your clothes and leave them feeling dingy and even dirty. Hard water has extra minerals in it which can cling to your clothing and cause this problem.
  • Removes Strange Smell & Taste From Water -
    Hard water will often smell and even taste metallic. With the extra iron that is found in hard water, you will be able to taste and smell something different about the water. With a water softener, you'll be able to remove that metallic taste and smell of hard water.
  • No Skin Irritations and Softer Skin -
    If you get out of your shower or wash your hands and your skin feels dry, this is because of the hard water. With a water softener, you'll remove those extra minerals from the hard water and your skin will feel much softer after showers and washing your hands.

California has a reputation for hard water, consisting of high amounts of naturally occurring minerals. This can cause mineral buildups, thinning pipes, and leak susceptibility. Water softeners are the eco-friendly, maintenance-free option to soften water and inhibit bacterial growth in your water.

For over 20 years, the plumbers at Tony’s Plumbing, Inc. have helped install water softeners in households in the Torrance area, including Harbor City, Wilmington, and Lomita. We can offer the latest in modern technology to ensure that you are satisfied with the taste and quality of the water you use on a regular basis. As a water softener can last for years to come, we are happy to walk you through every step and offer routine maintenance after installation to keep your system working without a hitch.

Simply reach out to (310) 905-8484 if you have any questions or concerns about water softeners in your home. We are happy to provide knowledgeable answers to assist in your decision.

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